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A Limited Liability Partnership is run and carried by partners. Each partner have his roles and duties as per LLP agreement. For Add a partner in LLP , the incoming person need to obtain digital signature certificate and director identification number. Indian resident or Foreign resident can become partner in LLP in India. On Admission of new partner status of LLP does not changes. LLP need to maintained minimum two designated partners and out it one must of Indian resident..

Exiting partners written consent is mandatory for addition and removal of partner from LLP. Procedure to add partner in LLP is made easy by Ministry of Corporate Affairs. New procedure is simple and complete online. Experts at ANBCA in have helped number of entrepreneurs for LLP compliances. In All major cities of India , Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune , Chennai and more. Our services are reliable and quick.

Who Can be Partner of LLP

As per Provisions of LLP Act 2008 , person can be added as partner in LLP. The pre condition it that incoming /new partner is not disqualified to be a Partner. He is not been found to be of unsound mind by a Court of competent jurisdiction and the finding is in force. For adding new partner provision of LLP Act 2008 provides condition’s and guideline.

  • An Individual ( Indian Resident )
  • An Individual ( Foreign Resident )
  • A Company Incorporated in India
  • A Foreign Company / LLP

Rights and Duties of LLP Partner

Documents required for Addition of Partner in LLP

1. PAN
2. Address Proof & ID Proof
3. Passport Size Photo
4. Digital Signature

What We offer

Draft of Legal Documents

Prepration of Application

Filing of Form 4 & 3

Amend LLP Agreement

Process for addition of Partner


Apply DSC & DIN of New Partner

For incoming new partner need to Director Identification number. Before adding new partner in LLP DIN & DSC is required.


Consent of Partners

For Addition of new partner firm existing partners need to have consent in writing. Consent & other documents required.


File Form 4 & Form 3

Our expert will file Form 4 for intimating changes to Ministry of Corporate Affairs. This required certification from CA / CS. And File amended LLP Agreement.

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    FAQ of Addition of Partner

    Whether LLP Agreement need to be amended for Change in Partners ?
    Yes. Amended Agreement need to signed by all partner. And same need to be submitted to MCA with in 30 days fling of Form 4.
    Whether amended agreement need to be executed on stamp paper ?
    Yes. Amended agreement need to be executed on stamp paper. Value of stamp paper changes as per capital involved in LLP.
    Does new partner need to apply for DIN to become Designated Partner
    Yes. LLP Need to make application to Income Tax officer surrender of PAN. And for surrender of TAN application need to make to NSDL.
    What is difference between Partner & Designated Partner ?
    Designated Partners are additionally responsible for Legal compliance and day to day operational matters of the LLP, including penal provisions.
    What are requirement for addition of Partner ?
    Pre requirement for addition of partner is • Valid legal Documents • DIN Number • Digital Signature Token
    What are Duties and Rights of New partner in LLLP ?
    The Duties and Rights of new partner will be as per existing LLP agreement and amended LLP agreement. If amended agreement is silent about duties and rights then it will be as per existing LLP Agreement.
    Can I add Foreign Nation in my Limited Liability Partnership ?
    LLP Act 2008 allowed to give admission to add Foreign National as partner. Procedure need to be followed as per guide line of FDI and RBI.
    Can I become Partner in More than one LLP ?
    Yes. You Can become partner in more than one LLP.
    Do I need to visit any Government office for Addition of LLP Partner ?
    No. Legal procedure followed by us for change partner in LLP standard. There is no need to visit any office. Share document with us over mail and we will get it done.

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